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Computer aided assessment of mathematics works in the following phases.

  1. Authoring,
  2. Testing and
  3. Deploying questions.
  4. Adding questions to a quiz and use by students.
  5. Reporting and statistical analysis.

Those new to STACK would probably prefer the Authoring quick start.

There are also Sample questions. This page is a reference for all the fields in a question.

How STACK questions behave

STACK question data structure

A stackQuestion is the basic object in the system. Indeed, STACK is designed as a vehicle to manage these questions. The table below shows the fields which make up a question. The only field which is compulsory is in bold.

Name Type Details
Name Meta Names a question
Question variables Question Variables These are potentially random variables which can be used to generate a question.
Question text CASText This is the question the student actually sees
General feedback CASText The worked solution is only available after an item is closed.
Question note CASText Two randomly generated question versions are different, if and only if the question note is different. Use this field to store useful information which distinguishes versions.
Inputs The inputs are the things, such as form boxes, with which the student actually interacts.
Potential response trees These are the algorithms which establish the mathematical properties of the students' answers and generate feedback.
Options Options Many behaviours can be changed with the options.
Testing These are used for automatic testing of an item and for quality control.

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