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Development track for STACK

Requests for features and ideas for developing STACK are all recorded in Future plans. The past development history is documented on Development history.

How to report bugs and make suggestions is described on the community page.

Version 4.3


  • 1st version of API.
  • Better install code (see #332).
  • Better CSS, including "tool tips". May need to refactor JavaScript. (See issue #380)
  • A STACK Maxima function which returns the number of decimal places/significant figures in a variable (useful when providing feedback). Needed for the refactoring.
  • Enable individual questions to load Maxima libraries. (See issue #305)
  • Re-sizable matrix input. See Aalto/NUMBAS examples here, with Javascript.
  • Add support for matrices with floating point entries, and testing numerical accuracy.
  • Update MCQ to accept units.
  • Add a base N check to the numeric input.
  • Expand support for input validation options to matrices (e.g. floatnum, rationalize etc.)
  • Add in full parser, to address issue #324.

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